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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Coming Soon!! Immortal: Part One (Immortal #1) by Jessica Sorensen


Born into a family of Keepers, warriors chosen to protect the human race from the paranormal world, Jayse has always known he was destined to become one himself. So he couldn't be happier when he officially gets to accept his title as Keeper.

Jayse dives into his training and gets great satisfaction in helping protect the world. But during a routine check at a vampire lair, something goes terribly wrong, Jayse suddenly finds himself part of the side he was once fighting against. 

Jayse will do just about anything to get his Keeper life back, but as he searches for a way to reverse the bite, he stumbles across a family secret and is force to face the truth. That he might have been predestined to become a vampire.

(Spin-off novella series from the Fallen Stars Series abd Laylen and Aislin's son, but the Immortal Series can be read on its own.)

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