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Thursday, September 24, 2015

✩★✩Cover Reveal Friday!✩★✩ Cadence (Ruby Riot 1) by Lisa Swallow!

Cadence is the first book in a new rock romance series and is a spin-off from the Blue Phoenix books. Teaser excerpt below!

A rock star in a towel in your hotel room. What would you do?


“Last night, you stood me up, then barged into my room in the early hours, whined for a bit before you passed out on my bed. Way to impress a girl.”
Jax tips his head towards the bed. “Could’ve been worse. Or better, depending on which way you want to look at the situation.”
I focus hard on not staring some more at the fine specimen who is Jax Lewis, or acknowledging I’m suddenly less pissed off and more aroused. “You should be so lucky!”
Jax steps towards me. “One day I think I will be, we agreed.”
The scent of hotel soap drifts towards me as he stands close and my heart stutters. I look directly into Jax’s eyes so I can’t be tempted by his mouth – or any other part of him in touching distance. “Put some clothes on.”
Jax continues his scrutiny of my face and despite the dark shadows below, his intense blue eyes shine brightly. “Or you could take yours off?”
I want to retort but unsure whether my voice will fail and give my state of mind away, I clamp my mouth closed.
Jax inches closer and I back up. “Come on, Tegan, I can see in your face what you’re thinking.”
“I doubt that.” I swallow, annoyed at myself for being tempted. “Get dressed.”
Jax sticks his bottom lip out, turns his back, and approaches the bed, pulling at the edge of the knot securing the towel. Before I get a view of his ass to bank with the other images, I spin around and leave the room.
“Nice try!” I call and Jax’s response is laughter.

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