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Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Review: Unmasked Vol 1- Vol 3

For this post I'll be reviewing each book as I go along. 
These books are a fast read and are very catchy. If you don't like Cliffhangers I suggest getting this bundle! 

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Unmasked Volume One
This book was definitely intense, complete unexpected it literally had me in a moment of WTF.... I admired the life Alex grew up in because she became a women who will do anything it takes to be on her own and not ridiculed by the way she looks. After everything she's been through growing up and how her parents treated her I envy her and how she was able to leave and do things on her own and make her own choices. But then she met HIM Damion a man who has taken an interest in her and is set out to get to know her and be with her, turns her world upside down and has her doing things she has never done, she's getting comfortable, she lets him touch her, and their nightly visits are what she looks forward to everyday. 

But Damian has secrets... 

And her world just got worse...

Looking for a book with girl and a troubled past, who knows how to kick butt, and take names. Looking for a MYSTERIOUS alpha male who will keep you on your toe's well this is the book for you! 

Unmasked Volume Two

A moment to process this review and I need to type out.....

Okay... Mind was seriously BLOWN, this book takes place after the ending where Alex takes off and now he's on some remote Island where everyone barely speaks a lick of English. She is resorted to running after find out a big secret Damion kept from her and had to make decisions wish she hadn't. While on this island she has become someone completely knew and has to lie about her life on a daily basis. She's not happy about this because she misses the life where it was just her and complete darkness, but she also likes the feeling of being seen and not have to hide and put on a mask every time she goes out.

Again I love Alex's character because she's this badass chick who has no care about killing someone and that she is on the look out for people who are out to get her whether planned or out of a spur moment. Throughout this story she's trying to live somewhat normal but also on the look out, she meets new people, she has her good days but every time somethings good she's haunted by the thoughts of Damion. She's had her revenge but now she's regretting the decision she's made. Because now she has a secret and a past life she now has to face because of him. 
I loved everything about this book! I loved the fact that Alex makes the effort to move on. I love the suspense and the mystery mixed with lies and deceit. Add a little pinch of Romance and you get one amazing book!! 

I can't wait to read Unmasked Volume Three!!

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