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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Review: Arks of Octava: The Scribblers Guardian (Book 1) By Lucian Bane


This books took me on one serious journey! I can't tell you what an amazing adventure it took me on. You have a world where Fictional characters are real and act out their scribblers (writers) writing everyday unless your story isn't finshed and you become a Miskriat characters who live their own lives between the other Genre Provinces, Jeramiah Poe who's a Miskriat is forming a bond with little Kane who is from the Horror Province finds out that laws of their world are being broken and Jeramiah is sent out on Earth as the 8th Ark and with him Kane to bring back the other 7 Arks to fix what is happening on their Realm. On his journey he meets his Scribbler the one who created him, hope he will know the answers he needs to find the other Ark's, but he is not a he - he's a she - and she does things to him that make him feel weird and wrong. While fighting the emotional battle with his scribbler people are after him, his scribbler, and kane to take over the Fictional Realm. 

If your looking for Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, and Love you've found the right book! I recommend this books who's looking for a little bit of everything including a bonus of a Hot Alpha Male with Steamy sex scenes! This book was amazing and Lucian Bane hasn't failed to disappoint me in reading his books! I can't wait for the NEXT TWO books to come out!!! 


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