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Friday, September 18, 2015

Review: DOM WARS: Round One by Lucian Bane


Lucian Bane's inner Dom is out of control
Hungry for things he can't name

When he signs up for Dom Wars,
He meets Tara..
She's naive to the BDSM world.
Her reckless dominance
and puritan heart fascinate him.

But when he discovers the pain in her past,
It unleashes his true Dom within. 

Pennies? Well when you read the book you'll know... 

"Every time I set you free, you run further from me. What the fuck am I doing wrong? Tell me so I can fix it. So you can see that I fucking love you."
-Lucian Bane, Dom Wars: Round One 

"Stroked her body softly and carefully, rocking her, kissing her everywhere I could reach. I didn't care who saw. Fuck them. Fuck all of them sick bastards." 
-Lucian Bane, Dom Wars: Round One 


After reading this book never in my life have I ever thought to experience the Dom and Sub life until I read this book. Of course finding someone who likes to live in that lifestyle is hard. But it sounded amazing! Finding someone you can completely who can take care of the needs you so desperately want with complete trust in that person she He/She can be Dominated and still have a relationship without anything be awkard and still trust that person completely is OUTSTANDING!

This book is fun, excited, hilarious, with jaw dropping scenes that leave you sexually frustrated or wanting to seriously slap someone. I died laughing at how cute Tara was portrayed throughout the book where she took dominating very seriously but in a complete vanilla way and not realizing what she got into was about sexual kink and either person taking the reins and trusting one another trough challenge tasks. She definitely had a way of seeing loopholes with the tasks and made it even more hilarious. I'd love to see a real Dom War's show!.

Dom Wars in Tara and Lucian's POV was written amazingly: Lucian seeing the Dominance of sexual acts and being protective Alpha out of these tasks and Tara: seeing leadership out of a team project that has nothing to do with sex. But bringing in romance with troubled pasts and tying in the fact that anyone can enjoy kink in any kind of lifestyle whether your a soccer mom to a regular business women can enjoy things outside of the box behind closed doors. 

Tara and Lucian are completely hilarious and so right for each other I couldn't put this book down! Even though Tara seems more Sub and take team leader kind of girl she is one not to mess with because she can kick some serious butt (Literally: Ask Lucian), she is also very shy in the bedroom and is really good with letting Lucian take the reins even if she has a little fight but once Lucian start's she's completely putty in his hands. Lucian for one is completely Dom, when Tara is acting Dom Lucian still ends up leading and does so in and out of the bedroom, which makes him  wonderful Dom throughout this book.

Everything about this book was awesome! I recommend this series to anyone who loves BDSM reads and enjoys a good laugh as well. 

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