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Friday, September 18, 2015

Review: Hooked: A Stepbrother Romance by Iris Parker


Thirteen years Rugby Superstar.
Thirteen years of winning streaks, of making more money
than I've known how to spend, of women throwing themselves at me.

Thirteen years since I last saw her, 
knowing she has every right to hate me,
her so called Stepbrother.

Thirteen years knowing I ruined her life 
and left without looking back.
Or so she thinks.

Money can't by forgiveness,
But at least it can get my foot in the door.

Hooked is a complete, standalone romance novel with mature themes intended for readers 18 and over.



Fitting titled because I was hooked to this book the Entire time! I could hardly put this book down.

Simon, athletic (Rugby Superstar) and best of of all, with an English accent. He has women who fall to his feet and everyone loves him. He may seem like he's living the dream but, its anything but, he has a past that consumes him and many things he's feeling guilty for but the biggest guilt he holds close to his heart is HER...

Emilia: Two summers was all it took for her to want to leave and start fresh and she found it. Working as a couch at a Rec Center for the kids who are troubled. She's finally at a place she loves and that's helping children finding better paths other then working on the streets that could potentialy land them in jail or killed. But she's about to lose everything and there isn't anything she can do. Until HE show's up. The one guy who ruined her life and made it hell, comes into town and fixes her problem she can't refuse. 

In this story Emilia and Simon have an intense chemistry, one where their past gives Emilia every reason to hate him and for Simon to face his passed, but their present is so intense they can't seem to hide how they feel. They have every reason not to be together but so many that brings them together.. but he's her stepbrother. 

I loved this book and recommend it to all my fellow romance book lovers, who also have a thing for a hottie athlete and steamy stepbrotherly love!

Thank you Iris for giving me the chance to read this amazing story and can't wait to read more from you!!

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