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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

REVIEW: The Secrets Out by Lila Rose


This book was AMAZING! I recieved a ARC for an honest review and when I finally finished this book I was in tears! The love that's shared between Caden, Eli, and Josie is powerful! The fact that throughout this book her family and The Hawk Mc brother are very supportive of their love for each other. It was amazing! Their were scenes that had my heart fluttering with so many emotions. I felt sorry for Josie's past as well as Cadens, I was mad at Josie for up and leaving her home without her support system, she has a family who loves her and will do anything for her and support her need to start fresh but to leave and not have any contact drove me nuts, and FINALLY I felt pure heartbreak that left me in tears. I love Simone she was completely hilarious when she met Caden and Eli for the first time

 "Damn women. Your are so freaking lucky," 
She said, glancing from Caden to Eli. 
"Just from the looks they give you I could come in my pants."
-The Secrets Out, Simone  

And Josie's father and mother are out right amazing they had me busting out laughing, I wish I knew a couple like them:

"You boys gonna keep your hands to yourself" 
Dad demanded as we heard in the background from mum,
"I hope they don't."
Dad covered the phone and said something to mum and then into the phone.
"We'll try, Rich" Eli smirked and winked at me while my cheeks heated.

This book was amazing and I loved everything about this book, It was very different from what I'm used to when I read MC books, usually their all about the club and whats going on behind closed door and then BOOM all out action with Rivals, and incomes the heroine and she either has a past shes running from that has to do with Club Business or She is force to seek out someone from the club from a past. This one she's starting fresh and leaving her past behind, but her present life keeps her from moving forward so her friends from the club help her out.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good bad boy biker romance.. Well.. TWO Bad Boy Bikers! and a women who moves on from her past and finds the love shes been keeping at arms length. 

***But be aware this has M/M/F contents and isn't suitable for readers under 18*** 

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