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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Review: Cade by Mason Sabre


Cade MacDonald is a man who has always had a sense of right and wrong. 
He fights for justice and does not back down in the face of danger. 
As a member of Others, a supernatural race of powerful, fierce shifters, 
who do not accept or sympathize with any Humans, or any race other than their own, 
he now finds himself in a battle with the Other Society’s leaders 
as they oppose his attempt to save the life of a young half-breed.
This paranormal shifter novel pulled at my heartstrings through every page. I was reluctant at first to read this story only because I am super picky about my shifter reads. I love a shifter novel that has you wishing to be a wolf, tiger, panther, bear, or any other animal you can think of when they describe what it would feel like to have your senses heightened, the feel of running and feeling the wind against your fur and all kinds of amazing things that you wish you had as human. But also making you feel uneasy about the way it feels when you shift when your bones crack into place to become the animal and the itchy feeling you have when your animal is just on the surface of your skin begging to come out, and the gruesome life of an animal on a hunt for their prey.

Not only did this book have all my needs for a shifter novel required it had that and more. Yes more! In Cade by Mason Sabre we had a few different point of views one from Cade, another from the Half-Breed, and in Gemma's point of view. 

In the Half-Breeds point of view we get to see him battle his guilt of killing and being attacked will definitely have you being sad for him and fall in love with him by wanting to know him more and make him happy. But you will also see him battle the need to fit in and feel like he's wanted and belonged. With his past he wants to forget and move on but when he see's that everyone he care's about is getting hurt he believes its his own fault, so when a opportunity presents itself he will do anything to make it right. 

Cade working as Law Enforcer for the Others is put in a predicament when he find the Half-Breed soaked in blood, urine and barely alive. His duty is to bring him and or leave him to the Humans but he can't manage to when he notices the boy he found is a child. Their was something about the boy that prevented him to turn him in but also he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he turned him in to the Humans. Being a Half-Breed means he was bitten and it was against their laws to be bitten and doing the biting. So who would have done this especially to a child. In Cades point of view Cade's life couldn't be any messier. Not only is he hiding a Half-Breed and could be punished, exiled, or even killed for doing so but he is also in love with his best friends sister and nothing could be messier than that because not only does he need to stay away in fear of betraying his best friend but she is also a tiger and tigers and wolves shouldn't be together. Its wrong! or so he should believe.

This novel was completely action packed that would keep you on your toes wondering what will happen next, you not only have one Alpha males but two, not wolf alphas but two sexy men one tiger and one wolf! You also have scene's that will make your blood boil in hate and demand to slap the person, but also leaving you breathless when you start to notices the love that forms between Cade, Gemma and the Half-Breed. 

Want to take a journey through the eyes of wolves and what love can do to make a difference for a boy who feels alone in the world and knows nothing about what it takes to be apart of a pack and the Others Society?

Pick up this book and you wont be disappointed. Unless your not into paranormal books then don't. 
I wasn't disappointed and loved everything about this story! I hope Mason comes out with more on this series! And will try to wait patiently for the next book.


Haven't Heard this series? Also check out the first short story 
of the Human boy who turned Half-Breed.

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