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Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Review: Spencer by Kerry Heavens

@TheSpencerRyan exudes confidence, 
I mean, have you seen him??? 
His dark good looks and tattooed muscled perfection are too much. 
He's hot. Lickably hot. 
And he has a way with words that leaves me breathless. 
But cocky doesn't even cover it, 
this guy is so arrogant you have to fight back.
But God he's so lickable! 
The thing is though, 
he looks like sex but he'll taste like jackass.

These two particular characters clashed from the start, one second they despise each other and war over how one person is a egotistical asshole who is completely full of himself and the other believes is a princess bitch who thinks shes better then everyone else because she's rich. 

Well they both couldn't be more then wrong. Well except for the part where Spencer is so full of himself (That is TRUE). Jazz loves her job for selling kitchen supplies but its not her dream, her dream is to own her own shop one day and make chocolates (She LOVES chocolate) its her passion to make it from scratch and experiment with different flavors. After her recent break up that she thought would last for a long time but she found out the hard way. But after a bump into Mr. McHotStuff Jazz's friend Mags (A best friend I wish I had) decides to follow him to find out who this hunk of a man is. Spencer Ryan.

After finding his Twitter account Jazz decides to follow him. What could it hurt? its not like he will know who she is since her Avi is her shoes.

I loved everything about this book I loved the fact that while reading this story I was reading it through social media messages with tagging and hashtags but it wasn't through the whole book just when she would communicate with Mags or Spencer. It was definitely humorous reading the interactions between Spencer and Jazz. They had me busting out laughing one minute then angry the next with how stubborn Jazz and Spencer could be.

I recommend this Novel to everyone but don't buy if your not into romance with a Hot Sexy Alpha, hot steamy cybersex that will have you breathless and burning, and sex scenes that will have your blood smoldering and warm all over. This book had me hooked from start to finish, I read this book in a day and a half and didn't want to put it down for one second. To read a book as if your reading through someones social media conversations especially Twitter and including all the Hashtags was a very interesting point of view and I shockingly enjoyed it!

I can't wait to read more from Kerry Heavens and if you buy this novel and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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