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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

MY REVIEW: This Broken Beautiful Thing by Sophie Summers


After tonight I knew things were going to change. For the better that is…
I had a secret and I was finally going to tell the boy of my dreams, 
the love of my life, soul mate and boyfriend of the last four years. 
I wasn't prepared for what actually happened…
I didn't expect to lose my boyfriend and best friend in one night…. 
Things weren't supposed to end this way. 

Now before you attempt to read this book you should know that this story has content that may not be suitable for you, this book contains: Cheating (More then you might be comfortable with), disrespect to the female party, sexual content, and violence. 

If any of these are not suitable for you I recommend not bothering to get this book. But if none of these things effect you then BUY IT! 

This book broke my heart in good ways and bad. We have an 18 year girl who has lived a hard life with a mother who never paid attention to her or was there like a mother should be. 

She took care of herself on her own and built a relationship with her one true love Caleb and has a best friend Ashley she stood up for when everyone told her she was no good. 

This is no romance story 

So don't get your hopes up. Throughout this story you are taken through Harley's life she lives after she is betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend. Harley experiences betrayal in many ways and even though she is completely naive and just wants someone to be there with her to hold her up, she starts to learn that she needs no one but herself and her family who loves her to keep her feet on the ground and give her the comfort she so desperately seeks in the wrong people. 

I also experienced some major drama that I don't usually see in a lot of books I'm use to reading I took me on a emotional rollercoaster on minute I'm mad at the characters then I'm crying for them, and then I find myself laughing with the characters. 

I would love to say the ending was happy but I'd be lying! The ending left me utterly speechless and my mouth dropped with a WTF look on my face... I wasn't expecting anything like it and this is the first time a book made me feel like that and I'm bouncing in my seat and biting my nails cause I'm nervious to read the next book and dying to reading all at the same time!

There we're a few things that threw me off the book with some misspelling, the use of language, and timeline. But the entire book itself was really good I loved it!! 

Can't wait to read the next book!!

This song track definitely fit for Harley 

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