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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stepbrother Romance Series by Nadia Meyer


He’s so immature, and he goes out doing stupid shit and then gets mad when things don’t go his way. Sadly, am stuck with him for the time being due to a financial emergency, but as I get to know him better, I realize that he is trying to get his head on straight. 


He invited me to live with him after becoming a wealthy billionaire and striking a deal. Do I take it? Hell yeah, it gets me out of there. But I also take it because I want to make sure Asch is okay. However, I don’t know what to feel about him.

Arianna Pepple knows she can have any man she wants; she’s beautiful, intelligent and insanely hot. But when her step-brother Lucien begins to treat her popularity with the opposite sex like proof of her promiscuity, she decides to turn her charms on the billionaire playboy.

Will Arianna be able seduce her step-brother without losing her heart and her pride in the process? 

I hated the moment the words came from my mother’s lips 

We were going to move. And not just to a place close by where everything would be great. No! She had to make it more intolerable for me. Imagine my disgust when I found out that not only was she forcing me to move to Wisconsin, but that she would be marrying too. 

Life could not possibly get any worse.




Nadia was always a quiet woman. She is a gentle soul with a husband who works all day in the fields. During all that time spent alone, she would come up with rich fantasies about the kind of men she had never had the opportunity to meet the millionaires, the alpha males, the bad boys. These fantasies weren’t just about the men, they were complete stories, incorporating strong, intelligent women who could take on even the most attractive and aggressive man.

She knew she had to do something with these fantasies and that is when she began writing. The more she wrote, the more fantasies she would have, so, in turn, the more she wrote again. There is nothing she loves more than sitting down with a cup of coffee and her notes and translating her hot, steamy ideas into romance stories for her readers. She never stops writing or working on her next story!
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