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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess


***WARNING: This book contains forms of child abuse that could potentially be triggers for some. Please note that this may not be suitable for you. If its something you don't feel comfortable with I suggest you not buy the book***

They promised Meredith nine years of safety, but only gave her three.

Her father was supposed to be locked up until Meredith turned eighteen. She thought she had time to grow up, get out, and start a new life. But Meredith is only fifteen, and today her father is coming home from prison.

Today her time has run out.


“We wait to be rescued, but for whatever reason, no one comes. We figure that if no one protects us then we must not be worth protecting so we become prey and are easily picked off. Our wounded, kicked-puppy gazes attract sly predators and we sell ourselves for clearance sale prices, mistaking screwing for caring.”
― Laura Wiess, Such a Pretty Girl

“The ache starts in my chest and spreads through my veins. The abuse I can handle; it's the happiness that cripples.”
― Laura Wiess, Such a Pretty Girl

“How about giving your old man a break here, huh, Chirp?"
"Chirp is dead," I hear myself say and watch the flat words destroy his pleasure. "You killed her, and now you have to deal with me because I'm what's left.”
― Laura Wiess, Such a Pretty Girl

“The weight in my pocket nudges my thigh, suddenly becomes my knife. I put my hand to its unforgiving outline and can't stop crying years of tears because if I don't stab my father with my weapon, then he is going to stab me with his.”
― Laura Wiess, Such a Pretty Girl

A native Jersey girl, Laura Battyanyi Wiess grew up on the outskirts of a peaceful little borough named Milltown, and next to the crazed, congested New Jersey Turnpike.

These warring influences left their mark, as Laura walks fast and talks faster, but can also sit completely still for long periods of time drinking coffee, reading, writing and watching wildlife.

She claims she inherited her patience, imagination and love of books from her mother, and her impatience, determination and passion for land from her father. Her stubbornness, however, she blames on the combined mega-whammy of genetics, birth order and astrological sign, as that pretty much lets her off the hook for the whole deal.

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