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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Mercy Series: A Dark Erotica by Lucian Bane


It started as a project to continue the charitable works of her deceased father. But when Mercy finds the man she believes her dad intended to help, it turns into a game of pain, lust, and danger. 

The second Sade meets Mercy the do-gooder, his desires get busy plotting to condition her for his sadomasochistic appetites. 

Everything goes according to his plans until he finds himself tied up and at the mercy of this woman who is nothing like the victim he'd mistaken her for. 

**** She danced innocently into my Dark embrace --and blinded me with her relentless Light. ~Sade **** 


There are scenes of abuse via memory and in current story situations. The author took as much care as he could, while maintaining authenticity in these scenes.

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No Mercy:
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Beg For Mercy:

The Mercy Trilogy:

Hello, Lucian here. I'm a husband, author, and Christian who loves writing tales where men and women honor, cherish, and protect those they love.

I hope my works will inspire strengths that exists within each of us. Inspire readers to dance out their fairytale romance in a world that isn't kind to the happily ever after.

Complicated love, difficult love, hard earned love, REAL love. Forever love, I call it. That's what I think the world needs and craves. And that's the kind of stories I write.
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