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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Siren Series by Rachel Higginson


A life not her own—A future already decided. 

Every facet of Ivy Pierce’s life is meticulously planned out and plotted. Cynical and jaded by sixteen, Ivy’s only hope is to escape the legacy she was born into. She has a plan, a carefully thought out, feasible plan. She just has to play by the rules until everything falls into place. Unfortunately as predictable as her life can be, she never sees Ryder Sutton coming. He tumbles into her life unimpressed and untouched by her and the life she lives. He’s an enigma to her. A gorgeous, frustrating, sincere mystery and a complete phenomenon in the ugly world she lives in. 

What blooms between them is a fiercely intense attraction that cannot be ignored. Even though they would both be better off without each other—Even if both their lives depend on staying apart.

The Rush (The Siren #1)
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The Fall (The Siren #2)
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The Heart (The Siren #3)
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I am the author of three different Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series, a Zombie Apocalypse Dystopian Novella Series and a few Contemporary New Adults that I am just as in love with as all the others. All of my available books are for purchase on Kindle, Nook and through Smashwords. Some of them are in print as well, but not all. I am currently in the process of writing the newest season of Love and Decay, The Fall- the second book in The Siren Series and a new Contemporary Adult Romance called The Five Stages of Falling in Love. I'm also a momma to four gorgeous little ones and a housewife extraordinaire. Oh, yes, life gets very exciting in my Midwestern Sweet Life!
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