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Friday, October 23, 2015

Witch Game series by Kasi Blake

The Noah girls have beauty, powers, and brains.
They use all three to play their games.
They blow the dust,
the boys are crushed,
and no one is ever the same.

Each year the Noah girls play a secret game— Crushed. The rules are simple.

1. Use wisdom to pick your target. The boy can't be too weak or too strong-willed. 
2. Blow the enchanted dust into your target's face to enchant (Crush) him. 
3. Give verbal commands and assign them tasks to perform throughout the year. The more tasks completed, the stronger the witch's power grows. 
4. At the end of the year, the witch with the most power wins cold, hard cash. 

As if being a witch in high school isn't complicated enough, Kristen picks the wrong boy to Crush. Zack is tall, handsome, and a little scary. Her Crush spell isn't working on him like it has with the others. In fact, he is behaving the opposite of every other boy she's Crushed, hating her instead of adoring her. Something is definitely wrong. After someone attempts to kill her, Kristen realizes there is more at risk than a few hundred dollars. She may be betting with her life.

CRUSHED (Book 1):
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WITCH HUNT (Book 2):
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I started writing in the seventh grade after reading The Outsiders. My first story was actually just the rewritten ending of a movie I’d watched. The stories grew longer with each project I took on.

My first novel (it was really a novella) took me years to write, but I was so proud of it when I finished. This one happened after I saw Star Wars. I wrote a novella called Cyberone. Even though I threw it away long ago, I still remember it well. The protagonist was Kylie and the male lead was Tyrel. It was a silly story of love in outer space, but it was my first so it makes me smile to this day.

After that, I tried several genres before I found where I belonged. I wrote several scary short stories and fantasized about being the next Stephen King. I wrote crime fiction, cozy mysteries, and sweet romance. Then I eventually found my way back to YA.

Although I have a couple of books published with Harlequin, YA novels will always be my favorite. As soon as I finished Vampires Rule, I found an agent with a top New York agency. Unfortunately, we were told my three different publishers that the success of Twilight made them cringe when they saw anything with a vampire in it. They said the market was flooded with vampire fiction and I needed to try something new.

That’s when I wrote Crushed. By this time my agent had moved on to greener pastures, and I decided that Indie publishing was the way to go.