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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cinderella in Skates (Cinderella #2) by Carly Syms

**This is the second book in the CINDERELLA series, but it may serve as a standalone novel.**

Natalie Melter hates that her family made her leave sunny Arizona to move to Wisconsin but she’s even more upset that her dad, a former hockey player, tells her that she can move back to Arizona in the summer only if she makes her school's hockey team.

Natalie doesn't know the first thing about standing up on a pair of ice skates, but life in snowy Wisconsin is about to get a whole lot more interesting when the cute college hockey player next door decides to teach her the sport he loves.

Will Natalie put it together in time to make the team or will Shane be a distraction she can’t ignore?

Hi! I'm Carly. I've been writing forever, or at least since the second grade when I wrote my very first book and published it by covering cardboard with wrapping paper and scribbling my name on the front in Magic Marker. I like to think things have changed since then! I'm a twenty-something alum of the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University.

When I'm not writing, I'm working in Phoenix dog rescue, exploring the desert, hanging out with my own pups, and DIYing!

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