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Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Review: Desecrating Solomon (Desecration #1) by Lucian Bane


How do you explain a book that is a completely Mind Boggling as soon as you start reading it from the first page! I loved it and hated it so much! I wanted to through my book and hug it all at the same time! Solomon the Hunky caretaker who sounds completely drop dead gorgeous I want to lick him. Silence (Chaos) I want to slap over and over so she can see its no longer the 1700's that its the 20th century.

This book had scenes that left me so socked I had to stop reading and consider for a moment if what I read was right and read it all over again just to make sure it was really what I read the first time and pause and mull it over at how odd creative Lucian his mind is to come up with such a scene. I give him Kuddo's for his writing technique for sure. But no matter how disturbingly some of these scenes can be I understood and was positively consumed by every page, I didn't want to put the book down.

Solomon has moved back home to West Virginia to take on the role of caretaker for an elderly woman Miss Mary, a role assigned to him by the church.

"The sweet old lady with everything to be afraid of, living on a mountain in the middle of nowhere. She had represented an opportunity to do the one thing he seemed to need to do more the breathe. Protect. Cherish. Keep."

His personality is sweet, kind, mysterious, and little humorous. He has a hero like persona and is definitely a old romantic with a old fashioned lifestyle and still unrecoverable from the pain and tragedy from his own past.

"Aww, I don't know what I done did to earn a guardian angel like you, but I do thank God he sent you. I feel safe with you as my neighbor. Not that I was eva scared of anything, cause I ain't" - Miss Mary

Chaos has been raised in a life of pain, punishment, and discipline. She knows only the truth of the Order and the purpose she serves and for which she has been prepared her whole life.

"Was he going to kill her? Was the final phase to carried out in the afterlife? Did he realize he was killing her? She fought to trust him. He never hurt her beyond quick repair. He was a master at that. She had to believe that and survive.
She began to pray so very hard. Please god. Please let me survive, please don't let me die. Please keep me alive so I can finish your will."

When Solomon find this girl hanging from a tree in the woods just outside his home beaten and bloody. He does everything he deems possible to care for her and calm her with words of promises he's not sure he can keep. When shes frighten at night he hums to her and Silence (Chaos) starts to build a connection to him.

Solomon and Chaos seem to build a connection that to others might see as completely wrong in many ways and disturbing. They are no way alike and come from two completely different worlds. Chaos see it as a a job to bring him closer to her even though she starts to fall for what she believes is magic. Solomon doesn't want a women to love because he loved once and it destroyed him but he can't help the pull he feels toward Chaos in wanting to make her happy and give her a life she rightfully deserves.

But he's determined to figure out this mystery of this so called Master, the story behind the town and the desecration's of desecration and what it has to do with Chaos and him.

I can't wait to read the second book to this series because the ending had me wanting to rip my hair out and left me hanging in a moment of absolute disbelief.

If you love a good mystery with dark scenes that will make you cringe and skin crawl a story so Unpredictable. Unexpected. and Dark with a surprising twist, with a touch of a hot sexy man and a pinch of hot and steamy scenes. Then this is a book for you!

5 Bone Chilling Stars

This book contains elements that may be disturbing and offensive. Please read with caution if you are triggered by events depicting violence and various forms of abuse. If any of these bother you then this isn't the book for you.

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