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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blog Tour REVIEW: Zero Hour (Gypsy Brothers #8) by Lili St. Germain



So full of drama and severe craziness I about wanted to tear my hair out in some cases.
Jase I loved but hated him in this book. I totally get the point that he is the son of a psychotic killer who seriously had some issues that needed serious addressing and loved that Jules finally took care of it. But dang how he if hates the fact that he looks like his father and has some anger tendencies that may be similar doesn’t mean he has to act more like him. If he loves Jules so much and has been through what he has when she was taken and tortured why not try to talk about it. She’s clearly not fragile and knows how to handle her own but talking about their problems would have helped Jase overcome this darkness he was letting consume him..

Jules she’s one bad B**** LOVE HER!!! After everything she’s been through she always seems to comes out on top. As I read this series I fell in love with it through every turn of the page and she was a big part in it. She’s full of darkness that’s completely consumed her, most women would hide and be afraid of the future that awaits them and never feel safe. But Jules embrace the darkness and used it to an advantage to get her revenge. After One Love (Book 7) She finally got what she wanted but after that she was finally ready to live her life with Jase, but now she’s on the run with Jase, Elliott and his family because Emilo’s brother is now after them. Not only does she have that problem but she also has to figure out how to deal with Jase and find her away again.

Elliot *Sigh* #TeamElliott

He’s my number one! ever since I started reading this series he’s always been my favorite. I fall for the men in the background the ones who are hardly noticed because the book’s main focus is the main characters who play a major part in the story. The who doesn’t get there happy ending in the end of the book because they are happily content. Elliot is that character I fell in love with and in Zero Hour I fell even harder. He genuinely cares for Jules obviously he fell for her and decided it was best for her to be happy with the one she truly belongs to. I personally think Jules should have been with Elliot but that’s just me. I hope with all my might that Lili writes him a story because Elliot deserves a better life than playing “Fair” & open a new tattoo shop.

Lili did an amazing job with this book most of all this entire series!! It’s dark, filled with suspense and gory action. As I’ve told her before “This is the best Dark Romance that has nothing to do with Romance!”

Seriously none whatsoever!

I recommend this book to anyone who’s read the Gypsy Brothers MC series and Loved it. If you haven’t read this series and have a thing for Dark reads that contain Abuse, Drugs, Kidnapping, Torture, and all that Pick it up and read it now and then read this because i'm sure you’ll be dying to find out if any of them find their happy ending.


Favored Quotes!

“She’s right beside me, but I can feel her slipping away. I’m losing her, I’m losing us. I don’t know what to do. It’s like being trapped in a three-by-three cell all over again. It’s like being held under water and deciding when to take that first gasp of water that’s going to make you drown. It’s like holding hands, both your palms slicked with your collective blood, in a fucking nightmare that never ends.” - JASE

They say the apple never falls far from the tree, and I’d say this apple never fucking fell, period. I’m the shiny apple that might’ve looked the best on the surface - different to the rest of them, full of promise that there was another way - but they broke me. They made me worse than any of them could ever be.” - JASE

“She tucks herself in underneath my chin, wrapping her skinny arms around my waist, and I squeeze her, not enough to take her breath away, but enough so that she knows she’s being hugged. I’m a great hugger. I pride myself on my ability to hug-tackle women all over the world.” -ELLIOT

“There’s a thread of controlled excitement binding the five of us together at this table, and we haven’t even started to talk. And I have a feeling it’s because we’ve finally gotten sick of hiding , of running, and following orders and waiting around. For once, we’ve made our own decisions. We’re not going to follow orders anymore. We’re going to fight this war, on our own terms. And we’ve brought the fight back home.” -JULES

“I’m back in LA - we all are, this band of misfits with a common cause: to take down the Gypsy Brothers MC and the I1 Sangue Cartel, once and for all.” -JULES


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