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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Release Blitz: Your Irresistible Love by Layla Hagen


Book 1
Title: Your Irresistible Love
Release Date: January 15th 2016

Sebastian Bennett is a determined man. It’s the secret behind the business empire he built from scratch. Under his rule, Bennett Enterprises dominates the jewelry industry. Despite being ruthless in his work, family comes first for him, and he’d do anything for his parents and eight siblings—even if they drive him crazy sometimes. . . like when they keep nagging him to get married already.

Sebastian doesn’t believe in love, until he brings in external marketing consultant Ava to oversee the next collection launch. She’s beautiful, funny, and just as stubborn as he is. Not only is he obsessed with her delicious curves, but he also finds himself willing to do anything to make her smile.

He’s determined to have Ava, even if she’s completely off limits.

Ava Lindt has one job to do at Bennett Enterprises: make the next collection launch unforgettable. Daydreaming about the hot CEO is definitely not on her to-do list. Neither is doing said CEO. The consultancy she works for has a strict policy—no fraternizing with clients. She won’t risk her job. Besides, Ava knows better than to trust men with her heart.

But their sizzling chemistry spirals into a deep connection that takes both of them by surprise.

Sebastian blows through her defenses one sweet kiss and sinful touch at a time. When Ava’s time as a consultant in his company comes to an end, will

Sebastian fight for the woman he loves or will he end up losing her?

Your Irresistible Love: 


Book 2
Title: Your Captivating Love
Release Date: April 2016
Description: (Synopsis may change)

Logan Bennett knows his priorities. He is loyal to his family and his company. He has no time for love, and no desire for it. Not after a disastrous engagement that left him broken-hearted. When Nadine enters his life, she turns everything upside down. She’s sexy, funny, and utterly captivating. She’s also more stubborn than anyone he’s met. . .including himself.

Nadine Hawthorne is finally pursuing her dream: opening her own shop. After working so hard to get here, she needs to concentrate on her new business, and can’t afford distractions. Not even if they come in the form of Logan Bennett. He’s handsome, charming, and doesn’t take no for an answer.

It doesn’t help that Logan’s family is scheming to bring them together at every turn

Their attraction is sizzling, and their connection—undeniable. Slowly, Logan wins her over. But what starts out as a fling soon spirals into so much more. Will they learn to trust their feelings? Will they have the strength not to let go of each other?

Your Captivating Love

“Save your breath and get going.”

I shut my mouth, breathing through my nose as I command my legs not to give up. Jogging is hard. After about a mile, a cramp takes hold of my right thigh. I come to a halt with a shriek and grip my thigh, hoping to relieve the ache. All I manage to do is make the cramp extend to my ankle too.

“Fuck,” I groan, collapsing on the sand. In a heartbeat, Sebastian kneels next to me, putting his hands to work on my thigh and ankle. He kneads my flesh expertly. Before long, the cramp subsides, but he doesn’t stop touching me.

“You really are in terrible shape.”

“I told you to go gentle,” I groan. “Jesus, it hurts everywhere.”

“Ava, I don’t do gentle.”

His words send a jolt of heat right to my core, his double entendre turning me on instantly. I push myself up on my elbows.

“How often do you run?” I ask. “Be honest.”

“I go to the gym every morning. Running an hour is part of my routine.”

I snort. “I knew it. Why didn’t you mention that when I told you I haven’t been running in over a month?”

Sebastian smirks, shrugging.

“Well, at least I get the satisfaction that you’re also sweaty.”

“Oh, I can think of a much more satisfying way to get sweaty,” he says. Then he does that thing with his eyes again that turns me to mush. His gaze smolders, as if nothing exists except the two of us.

“Does it involve any clothes?” I mumble.

“No, it doesn’t.”

His gaze descends to my chest then lower on my disheveled body. Since he’s not bothering to be discreet, I allow myself to inspect every delicious detail about him. Sweat dots his upper lip, and I imagine what kissing him would taste like. A little like salt, a lot like a man. Oh, God. How am I supposed to resist him when he’s so irresistible?

“Have you thought about asking her to stay?” Logan asks. He and Pippa exchange a glance that tells me they’ve talked about this.
“I can’t ask her to give up her job. When the project is over, she’ll move to the next one.” My voice is hollow. Why the fuck is this thought so depressing?
“Dude, you already sound like a love-sick puppy. No way am I going to listen to your drunk ramblings about your lost love after she’s gone.” Logan hefts the glass in my direction as if he’s toasting me.
I stare him down. “When did I ever get drunk and talk about women?”
“Oh, that’s right,” he admits. “Never.”
“Damn right.”
He takes a sip from his non-alcoholic cocktail, looking at Pippa with wide eyes.
“Oh, Logan, stop the puppy dog eyes. Though you’ll always be known as the family puppy,” Pippa informs us with a lovely grin. “Sebastian’s the family’s lion, nursing his wounds alone and all that shit.”
Logan leaps to his feet. “How does Sebastian get to be the lion and I the puppy? Why can’t I be a tiger, or at least some scary dog breed?”
Ah, a good old Bennett brawl.
Pippa puts a hand on her hip, squinting at Logan as if she’s considering something. “Yeah, you’re right. Not a puppy. I’ll look up the appropriate breed later. Must be one that barks a lot but doesn’t bite.”
“Don’t forget it must have an oversized ego,” I supply.
Pippa nods. “I’ll keep that in mind.”
“I’m very glad the two of you are having fun at my expense.” Logan’s tone clearly indicates he’s not glad at all. Pippa and I grin. “But we were talking about Sebastian, and how the family lion will be stupid enough to let the woman he loves walk away.”
My smile drops.
“Sebastian, don’t be an idiot,” Pippa begins, now turning to me, placing both hands on her hips. “If you love her—”
“I didn’t say that.”
“You don’t have to,” she insists, tilting her head.
“Oh, you can just see it?” I ask sarcastically.
“I can,” Pippa says triumphantly. She glances at Logan, who backs her up with a strong nod. Oh, here they go again.
“Yes, yes, Pippa, we all know you’ve been blessed with Mom’s exceptional people-reading skills.” I give them a dismissive hand gesture, but they won’t let me off so easily today.
“Except when it comes to the people I date or marry, apparently,” she adds. I pull a face, fully aware of what she’s doing, bringing up her broken marriage so I don’t brush her off. I’d get mad at her for being so manipulative if I didn’t love her so much. Which she knows very well.
“How is it that every time we do something together out of the office, you two corner

me about my personal life?” I inquire, tapping my fingers on the glass.
“You want us to do it at the office too?” Pippa asks with mock surprise. “Why didn’t you say so? Logan, are you up for it? Hey, we could even call in Alice for a Bennett sibling meeting now and again in the CEO’s office. Or in the meeting room.”
Groaning, I drag my palm down my face. “Please don’t.”
“Let’s get through this step by step,” Pippa says. She sits down on the floor, crossing her legs as if she’s about to do some yoga or shit. Damn it. I know that expression on her face. Lifted eyebrows, lips curled into a half smile. It reminds me of our days as kids, planning our way into or out of a mess. “The point is you can’t let her go.”
“You jumped a few steps in the process,” Logan tells her.
“What will you do after she leaves?” Pippa continues, and now a shred of seriousness tinges her playful tone. “Get back to your old life? Find a Terence, like I did? You’ve had enough sharks have a go at you over the years, wearing silicone and Botox to mask their teeth. You’re the billionaire CEO of one of the biggest companies in San Francisco, and we’re in a sexy industry. Everyone knows you, and you’re one of the most eligible bachelors around.”
Logan and I groan in unison. He gets up. “Okay, it’s time for some adult drinks. Whiskey for everyone?”
I nod. After a few seconds, so does Pippa.
“Make mine a double,” I instruct.
“Go, tiger,” Pippa tells him. We all laugh, but without much humor. The discussion has taken a turn for the serious. Logan shoves the drinks in our hands, and we spend a few minutes in silence, nursing the whiskey.

Author Photo

I fell in love with books when I was nine years old, and my love affair with stories continues even now, many years later. I write romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world. And I drink coffee. Lots of it

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