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Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog Tour: Reckless Temptations by Janine Infante Bosco

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Publication Date: March 8, 2016
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Reckless Temptations Cover



It’s what keeps you from being reckless. It’s what keeps you breathing.

Money, power and respect… they were my god given right, not the reason I joined the Satan’s Knights. I tied myself to my club and nothing else. Give me my bike, the open road and a different woman every night and I was happy.

My life was great.

Until the chaos exploded.

One night.

One reckless temptation and I finally found my reason for breathing.

I never saw her coming. The girl that would turn my world upside down and give me my heart.

Only it was too late.

One mistake can take it all away.

I’m about to lose my heart.
The thing that keeps me breathing.

The thing that keeps me from being reckless.

Lauren Bianci

Drop out of nursing school? Check.

Have no idea what you’re going to do with your life? Check.

Disappoint your family? Double check.

Meet a biker and have crazy sex against a wall? Check. Check. Check.

Get knocked up by said biker? Check.

I was always the good girl, the prodigal child, the girl who said and did all the right things.

Things like this didn’t happen to me.

Until him.

Until he smiled.

Until he tempted me to find out what made me happy.

Too bad it’s him.
We’ll never work, but, I can pretend can’t I?

Just for a little while.

Just until it’s over.

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EXCERPT #1: The Pink Pussycat
More Bianci bullshit was headed my way.
“Maria thinks Lauren is an intern at a hospital, a requirement for her nursing degree. The thing is, she kind of quit the program,” Mia continued.
    I lifted an eyebrow. “Mama Leone” was going to blow a gasket.
    “So if she’s not playing Florence Nightingale, where is she?” I questioned.
    Fuck my life. I stalked toward Mia, watching as she raised an eyebrow and walked backwards until her back slammed against the door.
    “Ouch,” she muttered.
    I narrowed my eyes, bracing one hand flat against the door over her head and leaned close to her.
    “Where is she?” I repeated.
    “She’s working at a bar in town, near campus,” she said, stepping around me to walk toward her desk. She ripped a piece of paper off a pad and scribbling something on it. “Here’s the address. She’s not answering the phone so you need to go get her before Maria starts asking questions.”
    “You’re kidding right?” Does the leather and tattoos not scare anyone anymore these days? These people are walking all over me like I’m some kind of jerk off.  
“I don’t even know what she looks like,” I grunted, staring down at the scribbled address, wondering what kind of bar the Pink Pussycat was and what the fuck I did in life to deserve this shit.
    Mia looked at me for a moment before turning around and grabbing a picture frame off her dresser. She held up the framed photo of her and what I assumed was Lauren. I dropped my eyes to the picture of the two girls, my eyes zeroing in on Lauren.
Big crystal blue eyes, framed by thick black-rimmed glasses, stared back at me. She had a killer smile, perfectly straight, white teeth, framed by full pink lips and a cute tongue since she was sticking it out the side of her mouth. Her black hair framed her face in waves, a stark contrast to her bright blue eyes. She was pretty, hot even, if you’re into the girl next door type. Or nurses. I wouldn’t mind being her patient.
I lifted my eyes back to Mia’s and handed her back her photograph before turning around and pulling open the door.
“Are you going to go get her?” Mia called over my shoulder. I ignored her and brushed past Maria who was scowling at me from the bathroom door.
“Got lost on your way to the john?” She asked, crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently.
“No, when you wouldn’t hold my dick for me I thought I’d test my luck with your daughter’s roommate,” I smiled, glancing over my shoulder at Mia. “Thanks, babe,” I winked.
“What? No! I didn’t…” Mia stammered.
These Bianci people were a pain in my ass but they sure were fun to fuck with.
I turned around and shoved my finger in front of Maria’s nose.
“I’ll be back. Don’t. Fucking. Move.”
“Where are you going?”
“To pick up your damn daughter, because someone upstairs…” I pointed my index finger to the ceiling, “…wants to keep fucking testing my patience with you people.”
It was her turn to shove her accusing finger in my face.
“You’re going to the hospital to pick her up? Just…don’t talk to anyone. I’m warning you, you better behave yourself and not embarrass her. Lauren has worked very hard to get where she is and the last thing she needs is some scoundrel like you, messing things up for her with your crude mouth and poor manners,” she said.
Was this bitch serious?
“I’ll try not to piss on the floors of the hospital and promise not to pick my nose in front of any hotshot doctors,” I sneered, shaking my head in disgust.
She should only know how deep my manners go.
I stalked out of the apartment, slamming the door behind me and glanced at the address Mia had given me. Fucking bullshit.
I typed the address into the GPS of the cage I was driving because I was in the middle of Bumblefuck New York, full of winding roads and fucking deer. I was waiting for that to happen next because why not add killing Bambi to this wretched night.
I whimpered as I drove, feeling sorry for myself and slammed my hand against the steering wheel.
I just wanted my bike and the open road.
And maybe a blowjob.
That would be nice.
Lauren’s pretty, pink lips, wrapped nice and tight around my dick and those blue eyes peeking up at me over the frames of her glasses. Shit. Where the fuck did that come from?
Get your shit together, Riggs.
“You’ve arrived at your destination,” the GPS alerted, and I’m not going to lie, she sounded hot too.
I needed to get laid.
Or I needed to go to bed.
Something. Anything.
The Pink Pussycat was packed, people stood in line waiting to get inside even at three a.m., apparently making it a happening joint for the people of Bumblefuck. I moved to the front of the line and a big brut of a guy stood there, staring down at me.
“Line’s back there,” the beast said.
“That’s nice, move aside,” I replied, stepping around him but he took mimicked my move and blocked me again.
I glanced at the heavens.
“Why?” I shouted into the dark sky.
No one answered.
Shit, I was probably going to hell for that one.
I looked back at the beast of a bouncer who raised an eyebrow at me, and was tempted to tell him he looked like Michael Clarke Duncan, but I needed to focus. I took a deep breath and opened my cut for him to see the gun I had tucked into my waistband.
“Listen, bud, I’ve had the night from hell and I’m ten seconds away from losing it, so move the fuck out of my way and let me do what the fuck I came here to do,” I growled, reaching for the gun.
He crossed his arms, glanced at my gun, and shook his head completely unfazed.
“Pretty please, with sugar on top?” I tried. Nothing. “Fuck! The name “Tony Soprano” mean anything to you? Shit, I mean, fuck, what’s his name…Pastore.” the burley bouncer remained unmoved. That’s it. I can’t take anymore. “Bro, get the fuck out of my way, seriously, I have to get one of the girls that works here, I’m her ride.”
“Lauren Bianci,” I huffed. That fucking last name was nothing but trouble.
“Shit, man, why didn’t you say so?” He pounded me on the back and smiled. “Lauren’s my girl, love that chick, always makes me smile,” he said, with an actual smile. “Go on in. She’s working the bar tonight.”
I think I muttered a thank you, I’m not sure, but I brushed past him and stepped foot into the loud bar that was packed beyond capacity. It took me five minutes, pushing my way through the crowd toward the bar that was surrounded mostly by men that were hooting and hollering.
What was the big fuss?
I squeezed my way between two jocks screaming for their turn to be next and caught a glimpse of what had every guy in this joint begging to be next.
The girl next door was on her knees, crawling the length of the bar, from one lucky bastard to another. She poured the liquor straight from the bottle into some lucky bastard’s mouth.
“Marry me!” He shouted, and she threw her head back and laughed.
“Oh baby, I’m not the marrying kind,” she said, blowing him a kiss before she rose to her feet and gave me a full view of her outfit. I started with the shoes that stomped across the bar, fucking sexy as hell. I’d make her keep them on when she wrapped her legs around me and wouldn’t even mind those five-inch heels digging into my back. She was a tiny thing, maybe five foot two, if that, but those heels made her killer legs seem so long. Or maybe it was the short plaid skirt that gave every man at the bar a peep show. Her waist was tiny and her stomach flat, but her rack? Man, what I wouldn’t do to shove my face in her tits. Her shirt knotted under her breasts and was open for all to see the black lace bra she was wearing. I squinted, hoping to catch a little peak of her nips but she was moving all over the place, dancing up a storm as she flirted and poured liquor into all the open mouths, waiting for a taste.
Lauren Bianci, the girl next door, rocked the naughty, school girl bit like no one’s business.
“What’s the matter handsome? Why so serious?” She asked. Her big blue eyes, framed by those damn glasses, staring straight into mine. Every fucking thing went south, whatever common sense I had left, all my blood, it all went straight to my dick. She smiled wide, bending down and pulled my hat from my head before she ran her fingers through my messy hair and yanked my head back. “Open up,” she demanded against my ear.
I looked into those eyes and was fucking lost. She could’ve demanded I run around the bar naked, barking like a dog and I would’ve done it. So I opened my mouth and let her poor the cinnamon flavored whiskey down my throat.
My dick was rock-fucking-hard.
Down boy!
She pulled the bottle away and swiped her thumb across my lips.
“Good boy,” she cheered, as she was about to turn her attention to the man beside me but I grabbed her wrist. Something changed in her eyes and she glanced around the bar, my guess in search of a bouncer. She probably thought I was just another schmuck that wanted to take her into a bathroom stall. I kind of did.
I leaned closer, hypnotized by her perfume and sniffed her.
“Show’s over Lauren. Grab your things it’s time to go,” I said against her ear.
She tried to pull her wrist from my hand but my grip tightened and I turned my head a fraction to stare into those blue orbs again. Shit, they were pretty.
“How do you know my name?”


Excerpt #2: Patch Party.
Lauren rolled her eyes and turned to leave. I wasn’t going to let her go anywhere. I reached for her and caught her wrist, stopping her from leaving.
“Going somewhere?”
“Yeah, home,” she sneered, tugging her arm free. I’d never seen her like this, so angry, so fucking hot. She turned toward Blackie, took his drink from his hand and threw the whiskey in my face before handing the empty glass back to him.
“Congratulations, you’re a dick with a patch,” she said, before turning and walking toward the door.
I sputtered whiskey from my mouth, lifting the hem of my t-shirt to dry my face, trying to ignore the surrounding chuckles.
“You better marry her because if you don’t I will,” Bones said, as he came up beside me and handed me a stack of napkins.
“Fuck off,” I shouted, throwing the napkins up in the air like confetti before I took off after her. “Lauren,” I shouted as I stepped outside. Scanning the grounds, I found her stalking through the parking lot.
I ran after her but Kitten had speed even in those heels she had on that threatened to take her down.
“Lauren, baby…Kitten,” I called.
She froze in her tracks and turned around.
Oh, shit!
She bent down, removing one of her high heels and swung it like a Cy-Young pitcher, aiming straight for my head.
“Are you fucking crazy?” I shouted, dodging death by a high heel.
“Oh, you think I’m crazy?” She asked incredulously, looking every bit crazy. No question about it. “Maybe I am crazy! I mean, I must be because I’m here, right? Standing here in my little black dress, against my better judgement, because well, tonight was a big night for you and I…” she let her words trail off. “…I am crazy,” she confirmed, shaking her head in disbelief.
“Kitten,” I started, reaching for her.
She flicked my forehead with her fingers.
“Ouch! What the hell did you do that for?” I shouted, rubbing my forehead.
“There is plenty more where that came from, buddy!” She threatened, as she poked my chest with her finger. I had had enough of this shit. I grabbed her hips, hauling her up against me and maneuvered her legs to wrap around my waist. She didn’t like that at all and yelped as I held her in place.
“Riggs, put me down,” she yelled.
“You don’t really want me to put you down,” I ground out. My patience was gone, my nerves frayed. She kicked my back and I pinched her leg as I turned and slammed her up against the wall of the Dog Pound.
“Came here for a reason, Kitten, now it’s time to tell me what that reason is,” I whispered against her ear.
“It doesn’t matter,” she squealed, as I ran my hands up her thighs.
“I disagree,” I argued, glancing down at her legs locked around my waist. “I like your dress,” I said, sliding my hands underneath it.
“You should,” she sneered, wrapping her arms around my neck. “I wore it for you,” she rasped.
Sweetest fucking words I ever heard.

Excerpt #3: The Haircut
“Lauren,” he protested as I pulled the hat off his head. “Shit,” he ground out.
    “What the hell is this?” I demanded, moving the hat out of his reach as he tried to take it back.
    “My barber got mad at me,” he tried to cover, offering me his smile, knowing I was a sucker for it. But it wouldn’t work this time. He usually wore a hat but the few times he didn’t—I loved Riggs’ hair. It was the perfect length to run my fingers through, and even though I hadn’t done it all that often, if ever, some asshole with a razor robbed me of the chance.
    “I hope you didn’t tip him,” I replied, playing along with my handsome…friend.
    I hated that.
    More today than yesterday and even more tomorrow.
    He leaned back against the couch cushions and lazily stared back at me, watching as I cocked my head to the side to inspect the damage. I noticed the numbers shaved into his hairline and ran my fingertip along the fuzz, tracing the two, then the five and finally the zero.
    “I can fix it,” I said, turning back to meet his gaze. “Make it all even for you,” I explained.
    “Florence Nightingale is a hair stylist too?” He questioned, as his hands ran down my sides, playing with the hem of my shirt.
    “I’m a jack of all trades,” I replied, brushing the hair away from his face. “What do you say?”
    “If I say yes does that mean you’ll get off my lap?”
    I nodded, holding back the frown that threatened my face—that was kind of a dickhead thing to say.
    “Then, no,” he said, treating me to a wink.
    And there he went being sweet again.
    I smiled widely at him, prying his hands off my hips and climbed off him.
    “I promise to sit on you when I’m done,” I said, pausing mid stride, knowing he was sitting there with a smirk on his face. I chanced it anyway and glanced over my shoulder to see his lips quirk.
    “A promise is a promise,” he warned.
    “I said I’d sit on you,” I called, as I fished through the drawers for a pair of scissors. “I didn’t say what part of your anatomy I’d choose,” I joked.
    “I’m just going to throw it out there—I’ve had a killer day and could use a little loving,” he hinted.
    “Yeah? And?” I said, plucking the scissors from the drawer and turning around.
    “And I’d really like if you sat on my face,” he pointed out.
    I should tell him that’s what I wanted too, just to shock the shit out of him but my poor Tiger had had a rough day so I went easy on him.
    “I’ll be right back,” I said, pointing my finger toward him. “Don’t go anywhere,” I warned, narrowing my eyes at him.
    He held up his hands in mock defeat and I figured it was safe to grab a comb from the bathroom but by the time I found a comb in the cabinet under the sink, his body was hovering over mine.
    “Jesus, Riggs,” I croaked.
    “Since you’re giving me a haircut I thought it’d be easier if we did it in the bathroom,” he suggested, as he sat on the toilet seat. He moved his arms and cringed as he drew the zipper down his sweatshirt and worked it down his arms.
    I gasped when I saw the large red marks that covered his body and reached out to touch them but he grabbed my hand and I diverted my eyes to his. He shook his head.
    “They’re not there,” he started. “Ignore them,” he continued, throwing his shirt onto the counter before spreading his legs and pulling me between them, locking them around me. “How ‘bout that haircut, Kitten?”
    I swallowed, reaching across the counter for the spray bottle and misted his hair so it was wet, then ran my fingers through what was left of it. I heard the groan rumble low in the back of his throat, encouraging me to thread my fingers through his hair again, this time I tugged the ends and tilted his head back so he was looking up at me.
    “Keep your head straight,” I instructed, positioning his head so he wasn’t looking up at me anymore and looking straight ahead. I ran the comb through his wet hair, snipping here and there.
    “How was your day?” He asked after a few moments.
    “Uneventful, until you came home,” I replied.
    “If it’s okay with you, I’m going to start staying here with you,” he said hesitantly.
    “It’s your place, Riggs,” I reminded him. “If I get in your way—”
    “Cut it out, Lauren,” he clipped, interrupting me and tilting his head upward to look into my eyes. “I want you here,” he added.
    “Okay, then,” I whispered, cupping his chin with one hand and forcing him back into position. “Stop moving,” I ordered.
    “Are you always this demanding?”
    “Wouldn’t you like to know,” I teased.
    “Yeah, I think I would,” he answered immediately.
    I ignored the comment, learning that reading too deep into Riggs would only hurt me. He was unattainable and the more time we spent together, the more he consumed my every thought. I was going to suffer a major heartache—his name was Riggs.
    I continued to cut his hair in silence, willing myself not to look at the marks on his skin and happy that some of his tattoos covered the grueling red lashes. I ran my hand over his hair, checking each side to make sure it was even and there was no trace of the number some asshole decided to put on his head.
    “I think we’re done,” I said, inspecting the crew cut he was now sporting.
    “Thank Christ,” he hissed. “I don’t know how much more I can take,” he stated.
    “Anxious?” I asked, taking a step backward so he could glance in the mirror. He didn’t move. He didn’t get up or turn around to look at his new hair style, instead he stared at me.
    “Had your nipples saluting me for the last twenty minutes, Kitten. I really appreciate the no bra thing but not when I’m horny as fuck,” he rasped.

Excerpt #4: The Pregnancy Test
“How long has it been?” I asked my sister-in-law as I sat on the toilet bowl while she stared at the watch on her wrist.
    “We can check now,” she said, lifting her eyes to mine. “Do you want to look or do you want me to?”
    I guess I should put my big girl panties on.
    I held out my hand, ignoring the fact that it trembled and waited for her to place the pregnancy test in my palm.
    I can’t believe this is what I’m doing right now. Talk about a detour. How’s that for a fucking detour?
    I grabbed the stick hastily, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.
    Please don’t let it be…
    I didn’t even want to say the word because it felt wrong to say.
    I opened my eyes, felt Adrianna’s hand on my shoulder and opened my palm.
    Two pink lines.
    “It’s wrong,” I insisted, shoving the test back at Adrianna. “Give me another, two came in the pack, right? Fork it over,” I demanded, as she took the test from my hand and glanced down at it.
    I couldn’t look at her, stepping around her I pulled the second test out of the bag and dropped my pants. Preparing to pee on another stick…in front of my sister-in-law, because I was fucking pregnant and two seconds away from crying.
    “It’s very unlikely to get a false positive, Lauren,” she whispered. This is because I don’t drink enough water. Tomorrow I was drinking a gallon of water and taking every goddamn test I could find.
    Because I was pregnant.
    Because I didn’t want to be.
Because I was not ready for a baby.
    Because the father was a dope.
    Because my life was upside down.
    Because I listened to dopey dad and took the detour.
    Fucking Riggs.
    Fucking baby daddy.
    Oh God.

“The Jets don’t have a chance, not after Decker blew that touchdown,” Bones said, shoving a handful of potato chips into his mouth.
    “It’s only the third quarter,” I retorted, popping open my beer and glancing down at my phone. An hour and a half had passed since I texted Lauren back. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing and what version of herself she was when she went out with her friend. Whether it be the good girl bit or the good girl gone bad. I’m sure she had guys dropping to their knees.
    I leaned over, placing my beer on the table and texted her again.

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Lethal Temptations Book #5 Temp Cover

by Janine Infante Bosco
Tempted #5
Publication Date: May 24, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance





A temptation so lethal, neither of us would survive.

(Full Blurb Coming Soon)

Preorder: Amazon (Only $1.99!)


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Uncontrollable Temptations Cover

by Janine Infante Bosco
Tempted #3
Publication Date: February 9, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Jack “Bulldog” Parrish

Crazy: Mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.
I was thirteen when I discovered the definition of the word I’d forever be labeled.
Some used it as a figure of speech but for me it was a scar I’d carry through life.
Or so I believed until I was diagnosed a manic depressive.
I’m the president of the Satan’s Knights Motorcycle Club, a man of power and control.

A man with enemies near and far.
But the truth, my truth, is my biggest enemy— my mind and I live most of my life with no control whatsoever.
I’m just a man who battles his demons, a man destined to live a life full of darkness.

Until her.
She’s the light beckoning me, calling me home, away from the torment.

In a world as dark as the one I live in, sometimes I can’t help but crave Sunshine.

Reina DeCarlo

I was lost, broken and a prisoner of my scars.
A shell of the woman I used to be, who didn’t know the difference between living and merely existing.
Until a stranger found me, fixed and freed me. He breathed life into my soul, reminding me I was a survivor and still had life to live.
My savior is a biker.
A man tortured by his own scars. A man broken like me, maybe even a little lost too.
I want to be his remedy.
I want to heal him.
I want to return the favor and be his savior.
This is our story, a story neither of us knew how to write until we found each other.

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EXCERPT-  Jack’s memory of his friend Cain.

I lifted the picture frame from my dresser and stared into the eyes of my boy. That’s all I had these days, a fucking lifeless photograph, a captured moment to get me through the rest of my life. No more memories to be made, experiences to be had, nothing but a picture that would wear one day. I would never see my boy look up at me again; never do all the things a father should do with his son.

I grabbed the orange prescription bottle from the dresser and turned toward my bed. I took a swig of the bottle of scotch I had nearly finished and sat at the foot of the bed. My loaded gun right beside me. I stared at the RX label and the one word that could have changed everything.

If I had listened to Connie, and yielded to the warnings, we’d still have Jack. I was too proud to get help; too worried people would think I was a pussy. I was a fucking biker that walked a thin line between right and wrong. I wasn’t some bitch who needed a shrink.
But I was.
I was a manic depressive.
I wasn’t the devil my mother thought I was. I was sick. I was a sick man who never sought treatment for his illness. The same illness that left me in a manic state the night my boy got hit by a car. I should’ve been paying attention to him. I should’ve been on medication.
But I wasn’t.
And he was dead.
It should’ve been me.
I dropped the prescription bottle, watched as it rolled across the carpeted floor and stopped once the door flew open and rolled back toward me. A leather boot stopped it from rolling and I lifted my hazy eyes to take in the man who had now picked up my medicine.
“Get out, Cain,” I growled, looking away and taking another swig of my bottle, my hand closing around the gun as I did.
    He stood tall, around six foot three, and was a wall of muscle. He took a few shaky steps in my direction, grabbed onto the dresser to steady himself before his bloodshot eyes pierced me with a glare. He was fucked up. Not an unusual occurrence. Cain liked his drugs, didn’t limit himself to a particular one, shot anything you put in front of him through those veins of his.
    We were a lot alike, both of us needed help but only one of us wound up getting it.
    “You take your pills today?” He asked, as he leaned against the dresser and crossed his arms against his cut.
    “I don’t need no babysitter,” I slurred. “Think I told you to leave, brother.”
    “Think I’m the boss around here and I don’t take orders from anyone,” he retorted angrily, pausing for a moment. “What the fuck you doing, Bulldog?”
    “What’s it to you?”
    “Gonna ask you again, you take your pills?” He questioned hastily, walking toward me and grabbing the photo of my son.
    I saw red.
    I reached for my picture. He pulled back.
    “Give me my fucking son back,” I hollered, lifting my gun and aiming it at him.
    “Can’t give you your boy back, Jack. Wish like hell I could,” he replied calmly. He turned around and righted the frame, delicately fixing it so it rested on top of my dresser where it belonged. He turned around and stared back at me. “One more time Jack. Did you take your pills?”
    “Yeah,” I ground out, dropping the gun to my side.
    I didn’t need anyone to remind me of what I needed to do day after day.  The hole in my heart was the reminder, my own personal alarm clock that alerted me every morning to take my medication.
“Good,” he replied, before tipping his chin toward my gun. “You got something happening you want me to rally up the boys for?”
“One-man job, Boss,” I said, shrugging my shoulders and glancing down at the pistol in my hands.
“Why’d you call me here?” Cain asked.
“I need the shit,” I said, lifting my eyes to meet his. He knew what I was asking him but still his eyes questioned mine. “Don’t make me say it.”
“You can’t bring yourself to say it then you ain’t meant to have it,” he retorted.
“The H,” I slurred. “You had your fill, right? Sure you can spare some for a brother in need.”
He stared at me for a moment before taking hold of my arms and turned them over. My gun dropped from my hand as he tugged my sleeves up and exposed my forearms.
“Not a track, not a mark,” he declared, dropping my arms before rolling up his sleeves. “You want this?” He asked angrily, referencing the tracks that trailed up his arms, a reminder of all the years he shot heroine through his veins. “You got a daughter I reckon you haven’t seen in close to a year. You going to let the next time she sees her daddy be at his funeral?”
“I didn’t ask for your input,” I said, through clenched teeth.
“I don’t give a fuck,” he replied. “Wake the fuck up, man. Yeah, it sucks you lost your boy. It’s a pain no man should ever have to live with but you got a little girl who needs her daddy.”
“She has her mama,” I muttered. “My son has no one. He’s in that ground all by himself,” I stated, my voice trailing off and my throat closing.
“So, that’s the plan? You going to join your boy in his grave?”
That was the plan. He knew it and so did I. The thing was I had no problem pulling the trigger on someone else but I was too much of a coward to take my own life. I tried several times but every time I closed my eyes and lifted the gun to my mouth I saw my daughter’s face.
“Look at me, Bulldog,” he whispered. “You’ll never see your boy grow into a man but do you want to miss out on that beautiful girl of yours too? She’s a looker, Jack, going to have bastards like us banging down her door to get a piece of her. With you gone, no one will be there to filter through the shit and find her the one that deserves her heart.”
I ran my fingers through my hair and diverted my eyes to the ceiling. My tears blurred my vision as his words sliced through me, inflicting doubt where I was sure there was none left.


I’ll give you what you need as long as you keep giving me your sunshine.

    She went off like a firecracker, her body igniting and convulsing as she found her light. The sweetest pussy I ever had, gripped me as she came all over my dick. My eyes rolled, and I pushed my hips and thrust my dick into her once, twice…then shouted her name as I pulled out just in time. My release spurting out, painting her exposed skin.

    Covered in Parrish, branded by the Bulldog, Reina became my sunshine.
    We were both fucked.
    I stared at her long and hard as I pulled my jeans up, zipping the fly but not doing the button to give my swollen dick some relief. Her legs dropped off the table, and she bent over struggling with her jeans, looking at everything and anything other than me.
    “Reina,” I started.
    She reached for a dishtowel, wiping me from her before she pulled her pants up her legs. She turned around, her eyes blazing with fury and threw the dishtowel at me.
    “You can leave now,” she said.
    And there she went dismissing me again.
    “Guess I was wrong ‘bout you,” I spat, baiting her, hoping to get her to turn around and look me in the eye. But I failed. Staring at her back angered me even more than the silence she offered me. “My dick ain’t straight-laced, and that pussy was still dripping.” I bit out, using my words as my weapon.
    Her head bowed, her shoulders slumped and still she didn’t turn around to look at me.
    Shunted, I cursed Reina and stalked out of her apartment, slamming the door behind me.
    I shouldn’t be bothered. I got what I came here for. I got my taste of sunshine.



Uncontrollable Temptations (Tempted #3) PLAYLIST



Forbidden Temptations Cover

by Janine Infante Bosco
Tempted #2
Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Anthony Bianci

Since I was a kid all I ever wanted to be was a gangster. I wanted to be feared, to be respected, and for everyone to know my name.

And then she came into my life.

I never planned on falling in love with the mob boss’ daughter. She was forbidden but somehow she became mine. She made me crave things I didn’t even know existed and made me forget about the things I thought I wanted. My quest for power faded away and was replaced by my undying love for her.

Until reality bit me in the ass and I was sent to prison for three years, doing time for a crime I didn’t commit.

Now I’m out and she is creating a life for herself, just like I always wanted for her. Only I’m not a part of that life. I won’t ruin her any more than I already have with my poisonous lifestyle.

No matter how tempted I am.

Adrianna Pastore

I wanted him from the very first time I laid eyes on him.

He was everything to me, my first love and probably my last.

Then my father ruined our perfect little life, and he walked away from me.

I tried to fight for him, for our love, but he pushed me away.
When the love you crave is beautiful, yet forbidden, you can’t help being tempted.

So I’ll fight for him. For us.

Even if I’m the only one fighting.

 PURCHASE: Amazon (#FREE with #KindleUnlimited)


“It’s a maximum security prison, no jerk off resort type penitentiary,” Jack added.

“My guy gets us the log, we go pay whoever it is a fucking visit and do what we got to do to get the goods on Jimmy.”

“Wait a minute, you’re getting ahead of yourself man. I know how badly you want this, I do, but he could be visiting a fucking uncle or someone who went away for robbing a grocery store. You want to drive all the way up there to have a sit down with some guy we don’t fucking know and get him to spill the beans on Jimmy.”
“You remember you told me you had a gut feeling? I didn’t fucking question you brother. I stood by your side and let this shit play out until the answers started to unfold for you. You still have that gut feeling, you still believe it’s him?”
I looked at him for a moment before letting out a heavy sigh. “Yeah.”
“Well, I’m telling you my gut is screaming at me that this is something. This guy, whoever he is, is the key to what we’re trying to do. You going to stand by my side and let this unfold for me or you going to give me lip?”
He was right, Jack wanted it to be Victor this whole time, but because of my hunch he started to get on board with the Jimmy lead. He never once doubted me or caused me to doubt myself.
“Give me ten minutes,” I said.
“Is that all it takes?” Adrianna spoke up from the doorway. She wore a pair of my sweats and one of my T-shirts as she leaned against the doorjamb. She crossed her arms against her chest and stared viciously at me.
“Jack, Adrianna. Adrianna, Jack,” I introduced as I reached around and cupped the back of my neck. She was going to fucking kill me.
“Nice to meet you. Are you one of my father’s goons too?” She asked sarcastically.
“Do I look like one?” He questioned her, glancing at me out of the corner of his eyes.
She bit her lip, giving Jack a once over with her eyes. “No, I guess you don’t. Too much leather and not enough Teflon,” she declared, shrugging her shoulders and looking at me. “I’ll just grab my things and get out of here.”
“Wait a minute,” I urged.
“No, I’m not in the mood to do this, Anthony.” I knew that tone of voice all too well. She was teetering on the edge of damning me to hell. This time I’m sure she’d be the one lighting the match, happily too.
“I’m sure you’re a nice guy Jack and it’s real nice to meet you but you have horrible timing,” she said, patting him on his shoulder as she brushed passed him to retrieve her things from the bathroom.
“Fucking great,” I mumbled.
“She’s a catch man,” Jack said then clapped his hands. “So, ten minutes?”
I liked Jack, wanted to help him, but right then I wanted to punch him in the nose.



    “Take your clothes off,” I ordered, before I turned away from her and bent down to twist the knobs on the bath tub and drew her a warm bath. I reached underneath the sink and grabbed a box of Epsom salt to add to the tub. Once the tub was full, I turned around and found her leaning against the bathroom door naked, a gleam in her eye. She padded towards me, her eyes never leaving mine as she dipped one foot into the tub and then the next.

    She slowly sank into the tub, wincing as her body folded into it, all aches and pains from her work out yesterday. The water was crystal clear and my eyes couldn’t help but watch as she straightened her legs in the water slowly. She was settled into the tub, as comfortable as she would get, before she lifted her eyes back to mine. Her breasts sitting just above water level.

    “Soak in there for about forty minutes,” I said gruffly, her nipples hardening under my stare.
    “Don’t leave.” She whispered.
    “Five minutes ago you were punching me now you want me to stay?” I asked, as she completely stripped me of my resistance and pulled the clip out of her hair, letting the brown waves fall around her shoulders just shy of covering her tits.
    “You make it sound like it’s something new with us,” she questioned cocking her head to the side, pausing for a moment before she softly continued. “No one plays this game better than you and I. I push, you pull, I push a little harder, you give in and then it’s your turn to push and you keep pushing until you think I’m done pushing you back,” she continued shrugging her shoulders as she spoke. “And then we start all over again.”
    I gave in just like she knew I would and put the toilet seat down, sat down and rubbed my hands over my face.
    “We’re pretty predictable.”
    “Yeah,” she whispered, slipping further under the water her hands were all over her own body, making me fucking jealous that they weren’t mine. “You always give in eventually,” she persisted before pausing for a beat. “Even back then when I was just a girl, you still gave into me, how come?”
    “You’re easy on the eyes,” I explained, winking at her then straightening up and staring into her eyes.
    “Yeah but I was younger than you, so much less experienced than you … I often wondered why you even bothered.”
    “You’re confident,” I started. “Whether you were younger or less experienced never mattered because I knew a confident woman could be taught all the things she wasn’t experienced in. You weren’t insecure which made you easy to mold, easy for you to learn all the things you hadn’t yet tried.”
    She laughed slightly. “So you’re taking credit for how good I am in bed?”
    “Abso-fucking-lutely,” I grinned.
    “I suppose you may have taught me a thing or two,” she countered, her hand traveling between her breasts, down her stomach and pausing right at her navel.
    “Like what?” I asked, knowing I was a goner.


Forbidden Temptations (Tempted #2)


Illicit Temptations Cover


by Janine Infante Bosco
Tempted #1
Publication Date: July 28, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Michael Valente...

My father was the Underboss of an organized crime family. He was murdered when I was a teenager leaving me broken. My mother died in a tragic accident, her death annihilated me. My life was in shambles until Victor Pastore, one of New York’s most notorious gangsters and my late father’s best friend, recruited me to work for him.
Everyone expected me to walk in my father’s shadow, to be the prodigal son, the next big thing to hit the mob. I was torn between filling those expectations and walking the straight line my mother wished I had. Nothing made sense and I felt as if I was just passing through life.
The only beacon of light in my otherwise dark world was the one girl that was off limits to me. The one girl who could bring me to my knees consuming my mind, body and soul.
She’s the sweetest temptation I’ve ever known and the most illicit.

Nikki Pastore....

My father’s a gangster. My boyfriend’s is the king of New York’s nightclubs. I am often labeled as Vic’s daughter or Rico’s girl, never just Nikki. I struggle for people to acknowledge me for the woman I am and not for the men in my life. I’m fighting a losing battle.
There is only one person who sees me for me, my Mikey.
He’s wild.

He’s reckless.
He’s hot as hell.

He’s completely unattainable, but oh so tempting.

 PURCHASE: Amazon (#FREE with #KindleUnlimited)



Present Day: Michael

It all happened so quickly. I chased the sound of her desperate cries, her dull voice begging for someone to help her.  I turn the corner of the abandoned warehouse careful not to make my presence known. I breathe through my mouth because the stench in the air is so vile smelling like piss, death and filth. There is silence. I can’t make out her cry anymore.  The only sound I catch is the water dripping from the leak in the roof onto the concrete floor.

Drip. Drip. Drip.
“Help me. Dear God, please help me,” she cries out. Her voice sounds weaker than before, as if she’s giving up, resolving that no one will answer her plea for help.
I step in something sticky forcing me to glance down at my foot that is now covered in blood. My eyes follow the trail of crimson to the dead body that is decomposing in the corner. I want to scream. My gut clenches thinking of all the horrors my girl must have been exposed to and how it’s all my fault.
I failed her.
I won’t fail her now.
Never again.
I take a few more steps, hiding behind a palette of wooden crates, peaking between them, I spot her. My girl. She’s sitting in a metal chair. Her wrists are tied behind her back and her ankles are tied together. Her head is down so I can’t see her face but I notice she’s still wearing the same clothes as she was the day they took her. I silently will her to lift her head. I need to get a look at her face. I need to see she’s okay.
“No one’s here to save you sweetheart.” I hear a taunting voice speak to her.
I’m here to save her you fuck.
His body comes into my view as he stands in front of her, slowly bending so they’re eye level. I watch, struggling not to do anything stupid, hearing Vic’s voice in my head reminding me not to be a cowboy.
Her life is at stake.
He cups her face not so gently and forces her to look up at him. He blocks my view of her so I shift to my right hoping to catch a glimpse.
“My father will kill you.” She shouts. “Do you hear me? He will kill you! Just let me go.”
He laughs. “Your father can’t save you little girl just like he couldn’t save his best man. And when you’re dead, he won’t do anything either just like he didn’t after I killed Val. Daddy’s not in control anymore, you’re at my mercy.”
I freeze for a moment at the mention of my father. The man who has his back to me, the man torturing my girl, is the same man who killed my father. I didn’t even have a chance to process the information because his hand reared back and slapped Nikki across her face. He takes a step backward, and she comes into my view, lifting her head slowly. Her eye make up is running down her face. One of her cheeks is red, branded from that son of a bitch’s hand and yet she’s still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
Something is triggered inside of me and  I know it’s time to end this nightmare. I straighten my posture, my hand securely holding my gun at my side. Slowly I lift my hands, my gun cocked aiming the barrel of it straight at the back of the enemy’s head. I look at Nikki once more, she’s all the strength I need to pull the trigger. She turns her head, her dull brown eyes meet mine and for the slightest moment I see life reborn in them.
I take one hand off my gun and lift a finger to my lips, signaling her to stay silent. I want the motherfucker to be surprised when I riddle him with bullets. I hold her gaze and hope she trusts I won’t let anything else happen to her.
I’m here Princess
You’re safe now.
    I gradually step around the pallet I was hiding behind and creep up behind him, keeping a steady eye on my girl. I wrap my finger around the trigger. This is it. I’m about to kill a man. I’m about to put someone else’s blood on my hands. I am about to walk in my father’s shoes.    
    I avert my eyes to the back of my target's head, tearing my gaze away from Nikki. I lift the gun and then it happens…
“Mikey watch out!!” She screams.
    I pull the trigger.
    All of a sudden my gun isn’t the only one going off in the warehouse. The sound of gunfire erupts as I watch my bullet pierce my victim. I turn toward Nikki, hurrying to make my way to her. My victim falls face forward onto the floor, a single shot to the head killing him instantly. Nikki screams out as his blood splatters onto her. She’s shaking her head screaming no as I struggle to make my way to her.
    “Mikey Get down!!” She screams through her sobs.
    I don’t fully comprehend what she’s saying. I think I’m still reeling from the fact that the man I put a bullet in was about to kill her— just like he killed my old man. All I cared about was taking her in my arms and holding onto her for dear life. I needed to touch her, to feel her, to know she really was okay.
    She is shaking her head violently forcing me to focus on what she is trying to warn me of. I glance over my shoulder, eyes wide as I see the ambush Victor and his men are taking part in, guns blazing as they seek revenge on the rival family that held his daughter captive for two days. 
They don’t go down easily and men start appearing from all over the warehouse, firing back at Victor and his gang. I lift my gun, ready to help Victor, out of the corner of my eye I notice a man to my left, his gun aimed at Nikki. I keep my gun aimed at the men firing against Victor and look over my shoulder towards my girl. She’s oblivious to the gun pointed at her and there is little she could do to protect herself since she’s still tied to the chair. I walk backwards towards her, debating if I have time to take out the gunman.
I turn my gun towards the man aiming at Nikki but he pulls the trigger.
I’m too late.
    “No!” I hear myself cry out as I run, attempting beat the speed of the bullet. I dive on top of her, my body shielding hers, knocking her and the chair she is tied to backwards as the bullet sears through my flesh.
I’m here Princess. You’re safe.
The gun slips from my hand as I roll off Nikki. I stare up at the ceiling. I hear her crying beside me, I try to reach for her hand but I can’t move. The heat sears through my body. I’m trying to contain the blood, but it pours from my wound uncontrollably. There are more gunshots fired. I hear Nikki’s cries become muffled until everything fades to black.



Janine Infante BoscoJanine Infante Bosco lives in New York City, she has always loved reading and writing. When she was thirteen, she began to write her own stories and her passion for writing took off as the years went on. At eighteen, she even wrote a full screenplay with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Janine writes emotionally charged novels with an emphasis on family bonds, strong willed female characters, and alpha male men who will do anything for the women they love. She loves to interact with fans and fellow avid romance readers like herself.

She is proud of her success as an author and the friendships she's made in the book community but her greatest accomplishment to date would be her two sons Joseph and Paul.


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