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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: Fearless (The Story of Samantha Smith #1) by Devon Hartford

Fearless by Devon Hartford

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this series and this is my second time reading this book!

I love Samantha and Christos!!! Mentor and Account Student with a hidden talent she didn't know she had.

Samantha (I absolutely love her!!) A wonderful character, Sometimes authors who write in a women's POV tend to make her cliché or even make the lead male and female cliché, (Women and Man meet, she doesn't want a womanizer, but they fall hard and live happily ever after) but in this story it was anything but. Yes you have a bad boy artist, who loves women, he's a big time Alpha. Then you have a girl who is running from her past to become what her parents want her to be. A Accountant who works behind a desk and is safe. Then she meets Christos who changes her future plans. But her past still haunts her and she knows that if only Christos really knew what she had done he wouldn't love her or want to be with her.

I fell in love with this story/Series I shed tears and rip my heart to pieces and put it back together piece by piece. I look forward to reading Reckless again because I love Samantha's and Christos story..

Devon Hartford you are an amazing writer and can't wait to read more of your Novels. I recommend this story to everyone who loves an intense and artistic love story.

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