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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review: Rough Justice (Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #1) by Sarah Castille

Rough Justice by Sarah Castille

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me just say that I am really glad I bought this entire series before I read it.

I buy book based off of their average ratings and if the description captures me. Rough Justice was a great choice for me!

I'm a huge fan of MC novels whether their standalones, short stories, dark and twisted, romance, and long series. I love everything about them.

But I rate books in certain ways, like:

1. SEX: How many scenes is to many or to less (A lot of actions and intense scenes can level it out)
2. Twists: Were their many and if they kept me on my toes
3. Dark scenes: I like gory (Great bikers level out the sick and twisted ones)
4. Main characters: Is it mainly and solely on them or does it have you curious about other characters lives.
5. Would I recommend this story to anyone.

I love giving good reviews on books and I do the best I can to give what readers need AN AMAZING JAW DROPPING READ RECOMMENDATION.

I absolutely loved Jagger! Complete Alpha male who seems hard and scary and utterly sexy on the outside but is loyal to the bone, has a complete gentle caring side. He puts duty first and his duty is to be a club president of the Sinner's Tribe MC. Everyone is counting on him to make the right decisions and is definitely feeling the pressure from his brothers when his club burned down and one of his brothers is killed. Seeking revenge and getting to the bottom of who set the fire and shot their friend he never expected a women to be among the men who set the fire and shot at his men. Wearing a Rivals MC leathers.

Arianne born and raised in motorcycle gang, abused and forced to do jobs by her father Viper the leader of the MC gang. All her life she's wished to escape and live a normal life and be free from her father's clutches and never have to look over her shoulder in fear. All she wants to run away with her brother. But when she finally has an opening to escape she ends up in the clutches of her fathers rival MC gangs clubhouse Sinner's Tribe MC.

Throughout reading this Rough Justice it kept me on my toes throughout every page, wondering whats going to happen next, almost tearing my hair out in complete utter chaos that was happening throughout the story, the chemistry between Arianne and Jagger was so intense I had to take breaks because clearing they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

Rough Justice had amazingly hot scenes It was a little to much for my taste, but the action scenes and drama definitely leveled it out. The strategy, the club jobs and retaliation against each other was almost never ending it was amazing! It definitely kept me on my toes and biting my nails wanting to know how it was going to end and hoping they didn't losing anyone. My favorite character out of this book was definitely ZANE and Wheeler. I wish this story told more about wheeler and Zane he is definitely a mystery and I'm very excited to read his story.

I definitely recommend this book for anyone who loves MC stories. And I'll be reading the next book soon!!

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