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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sales Blitz: Insignificant (Goldenrod #1) by Kelly Lincoln

Sales Blitz:
(Goldenrod #1)
Kelly Lincoln

When Taylor was four years old, she became an orphan

and her childhood spiraled into darkness. She spent years lying, hiding, and

avoiding any love offered to her until she was old enough to run away from all

the threats of her past.

Now twenty-two, Taylor doesn’t think she’s worth

more than being the kind of girl a guy hooks up with in the back room of a bar

after her band plays. She definitely isn’t the one you bring home to meet Mom

and Dad.

An unlikely rescue puts her in Ethan’s sight.

He’s her total opposite, though. Ethan is a sexy dork who sees beyond Taylor’s

guarded exterior. He sees past the tattoos and piercings. He sees her.

But they both have secrets capable of destroying

their relationship. And if Taylor’s past ever catches up with her, the consequences

could be deadly.

Due to explicit language, sexual content, and

dark themes, reader discretion is advised.

Only $0.99 until Mar 14th 2016




I attached two teasers, and the cover, and here is an excerpt:

“Go!” Pete yelled. Ethan did a perfect

dive and disappeared underwater, and I took off.

I swam just as fast as I did for Owen. I

didn’t want to wait an instant longer to pull Ethan against my body. When I

reached the deep end I flew to the bottom of the pool, where Ethan waited with

his eyes closed. Thank God. If I looked at those puppies underwater, I wouldn’t

be able to break away for air and I’d drown.

I circled behind him and put my hand on

his lower stomach. It was supposed to be over his chest. I went too low. Total

mistake I needed to fix. I should have moved fast, but this wasn’t a real

rescue, and my body wasn’t cooperating with my brain.

Flattening my hand, I pressed it against

him, and slowly moved over every ridge of his stomach. So fucking hot, and so

stupid of me. I shouldn’t be doing this.

Ethan reached over and put his hand over

mine. His fingertips brushed over my knuckles, back and forth, gentle as could

be, as I reached his chest. Then the touch wasn’t light anymore. His hand

tightened around mine, and he wasn’t letting go.

I adjusted my grip so my body was flush

against his. I had to. This was how you did a rescue. I gripped the black rope

of my rescue tube, hating it. I wanted to stay underwater where it was

perfectly acceptable for Ethan and me to be alone and pressed against each

other, hand over hand on the smooth skin of his chest.




Kelly Lincoln is the author of Insignificant and

Beyond Repair. She enjoys reading, inappropriate jokes, all things Disney, and

spending time with her family. She lives in the northeast and drinks way too

much Diet Coke.


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