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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Book Blitz: The One Who Got Away by Ava Claire

The One Who Got Away
Ava Claire

(An Alpha Billionaire Romance)
Publication date: January 27th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
It was supposed to be the best day.  
I was marrying the love of my life–and nothing would ever be the same.

And then he left me at the altar.

Five years later, I get a job offer I can’t refuse.  
The trouble is, the boss just so happens to be the one who got away…


The One That Got Away by Ava Claire


Excerpt 1

Even from behind, he was something to behold. He had on a black leather jacket with a charcoal gray hoodie. On anyone else, it would have looked juvenile, hipster even. Like someone emulating ‘rugged’ based on what they saw in a magazine or on some TV show. This guy was all man, all testosterone with his broad shoulders and jeans that gripped an ass that I was dying to grip. 
Realizing that I was staring at some stranger’s behind, my eyes shot up to tamer territory, but his dark wavy hair was even more dangerous. It was just long enough that he could do that man-bun thing that was all the rage. But nothing about this man was forced. He didn’t follow trends; he made his own. His dark locks were wild and free. 
I hadn’t even seen his face, but I knew he was trouble. With a capital T. Which meant I was in trouble, because if I wasn’t sure I was gonna take the job before, well, I was positive now. 
“Oh! Mr. Carraway, I didn’t know you were on site today.”
I gasped.
The allure, that instant draw...I should have known. It had only happened once before when I was partnered with the hottest guy at Rhoades High in Advanced Chem.
He turned from the espresso machine and I stopped breathing. 
Lincoln Carraway smiled at me like a wolf about to rip out the throat of its prey. 
“Welcome to Make a Change, Catherine.”

Excerpt 2

I don’t know if he hit the emergency brake or I did, but the elevator jolted and we weren’t going anywhere. We were frozen in this place. A place where the past was forgotten and we slipped back into the warm deliciousness of memories. 
My fingers slipped through his hair and I pulled him close, quivering from head to toe when I felt the solid wall of muscle pressed against me. His hands took possession of me, sweeping over my hips, gliding over the swell of my breasts and before he even got to my nipples that were swollen and aching for him, I was lost and found, all at the same time.
My mind was filled with two words. Don’t stop. 

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Author Bio:

Ava Claire is a sucker for Alpha males and happily ever afters.  
When not putting pen to paper or glued to her Kindle, Ava likes road tripping, karaoke, vintage fashion, and searching for her own brooding billionaire.

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